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Spare Parts List One - Attaching Parts, Seals & Gaskets

Spare Parts List Two - Crankshaft & Cross-shaft Assemblies and Chains

Spare Parts List Three - Pistons & Liners

Spare Parts List Four - Sump Assembly

Spare Parts List Five - Cylinder Head Assembly

Spare Parts List Six - Ignition, 

Spare Parts List Seven - Water Pumps

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Parts List

Spare Parts List One - Attaching Parts, Seals & Gaskets.....

Attaching Parts


Nuts, bolts, studs, spring & plain washers

Head stud - short or long 3/8" BSF qty. 14

Head nut 3/8" BSF qty. 14

Main bearing stud 7/16" BSF qty. 8

Main bearing bolt 7/16" BSF qty. 2

Main bearing nut 7/16" BSF qty. 8

Main bearing twin tab washer

Main bearing lock-washer, round, original type

Main bearing nut, self-locking 7/16" qty. 4

Oil gallery to mains, twin tab washer qty. 5

Oil gallery to block, twin tab washer qty 1

Water pump stud, long, post-war, 5/16" qty. 2 

Water pump stud, short, post-war, 5/16" qty. 2

Distributor housing stud 5/16" qty. 3

Timing sprocket support stud 1/4" Whit. qty. 2

Fan mounting stud, long 1/4" Whit. belt driven dynamo qty. 1

Fan mounting stud, short, 1/4" Whit:

     - side dynamo qty. 4

     - belt dynamo qty. 3

Oil pump cover plate stud 5/16" BSF qty. 2

Block to sump stud 3/8" BSF qty. 1

Sump to block stud 3/8" BSF qty. 1

Sump bolts 3/8" BSF qty. 11 (pre-war less)

Bell housing bolts & studs, block & sump 5/16" BSF qty. 10 (pre-war less)


Seals and Gaskets 


Crank seal pair, rear

Crank seal, front, pre- and post-war



Head Gasket, copper/asbestos substitute 

Sump gasket, pair

Sump plug gasket, UMB

Fig-of-eight 0.25mm or 0.40mm Klingersil for our long liners

Fig-of-eight paper/ali/paper sandwich for short liners

Exhaust gasket pair, Maglam

Oil pump gasket, inner

Oil pump cover gasket

Thermostat to head gasket, pre- or post-war

Thermostat housing to hose connector gasket, post-war

Rocker box gasket, Nitrile cork or rigid material

Rocker box nuts fibre washers

Water pump gasket, pre- or post-war

Carburettor gasket set of three

Oil filter housing gasket ring

Sump gauze gasket, CL

Distributor housing gasket

Rev counter drive gasket




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