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Engines for Sale, Refurbished Heads and Cranks and Used Parts......

Recycling to save the Planet

Well....if not quite the planet, at least some ACs and a lot of money anyway!

Over the years we have accumulated a considerable stock of used parts of all eras including blocks, sumps, heads, crankshafts, pistons, rods and liners.  We are all aware that with the rising values of AC cars, horrific prices have been asked for engine parts of doubtful condition, many of which turn out to be absolute junk.  We have now begun a programme of restoration designed to return as many items as possible to use and as economically as possible, especially those whose lack can bring an engine to a complete halt.  Please read on for further details.

Cylinder heads

It is commonly but incorrectly believed that the AC cylinder block is the Achilles heel of the AC engine.  In fact, the cylinder head can be just as challenging although its shortcomings, being less obvious than those afflicting the block, are less well appreciated. 

Head maladies can include corrosion, distortion, cracking, mechanical wear to valve seats, camshaft bearings and rocker shaft housings.  Owners seeking to replace a defective item are faced with a lack of new heads at a sensible price or the risk of buying another used one with no guarantee as to condition and freedom from hidden faults.  We will soon be offering  repaired, verifiably crack and pressure tested cylinder heads from stock.  These will be bare head castings that the customer may then furnish with his own or our new parts or we can build up a head assembly to whatever state of completeness required. 

We believe this will remove an awful lot of the stress and doubt from the hitherto risky business of buying a used cylinder head.  It also means that, stocks allowing, long delays in having heads repaired are eliminated.

We may be able to take your existing head in part exchange if repairable or, if you are not actually in a hurry, arrange for it to be repaired.


Buying a used crankshaft can be as chancy as buying a used head.  Cracks invisible to the eye can lurk in odd places and previous attempts at repair lie in wait.  All used crankshafts sold by us have been  inspected and crack tested and are documented as such.  We can, of course, arrange for new crankshafts to be made but this inevitably takes time so for the owner who needs a crankshaft quickly or who has no need for a new one, buying one of our tested cranks can make a lot of sense.

Please note that we do not currently repair crankshafts.

Cylinder blocks

New cylinder blocks are available from various sources and this is a good thing.  As a highly cost-effective alternative we can supply original blocks with new water jackets ready fitted, if required, with crack tested, reground crankshafts.  We usually have one PVT and one post-war block available or very nearly so. 



Engines for sale

We have a sizeable stock of engines for sale, whether complete and running, complete but needing overhaul or enough dismantled parts for owners to build up complete engines themselves.  These include Vintage, PVT UMBs, early and late version post-war UMBs  and some CLs.  

Each rebuilt engine comes with a photographic log of its overhaul so that prospective purchasers are able to see exactly the amount and type of work carried out.  All engines are test run for several hours and can be further run during viewing.

To summarise

We have an extensive stock of used parts comprising virtually every engine component, large and small. The stock is too long to list and is constantly changing so if a good used part would suit your requirement it is always worth contacting us to see if we can help you.

-  Crankshafts of various eras

-  Cylinder blocks, pre-and post-war

-  Sumps

-  Flywheels

-  Conrods

-  Cylinder heads and components e.g. valves, camshafts, springs

-  Other parts:

In addition to engine components we also have several gearboxes including a completely rebuilt PVT box, running gear for Two Litre Saloons,





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