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Spare Parts List One - Attaching Parts, Seals & Gaskets

Spare Parts List Two - Crankshaft & Cross-shaft Assemblies and Chains

Spare Parts List Three - Pistons & Liners

Spare Parts List Four - Sump Assembly

Spare Parts List Five - Cylinder Head Assembly

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Spare Parts List

Rod Briggs AC Engines

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Customers please note that the majority of the parts listed below are on the shelf and immediately available although out-of-stock situations may sometimes, if rarely, occur. Some high value parts may require special order. We also have a substantial but changing stock of used parts.  Enquiries welcome.
Seals and Gaskets for Complete Engine
Rocker cover
Exhaust Gaskets, pair
Oil filter housing, copper/asbestos substitute
Fig-of-8 gaskets 10 thou (0.25mm) or 16 thou (0.40mm) x set of 3
Fig-of-8 Set Halite/ali/paper gaskets for original short AC liners
Oil pump gasket, inner
Oil pump gasket, outer
Carb Gasket x set 3
Distributor housing gasket
Rev counter drive gasket
Sump gasket pair
CL oil gauze gasket
Head gasket copper/asbestos substitute
Rear crank seals pair
Rear crank seal set consisting of one piece lip seal, two seal carrier halves and retaining screws. Modification to block, sump and crankshaft required
PVT front seal carrier, ali
Sump plug gasket, copper/asbestos substitute
Studs, Bolts, Screws, Nuts and Washers for Block
3/8" head studs - short or long
3/8" head nuts
7/16" x 41/2" BSF stud, main bearing
7/16" x 41/2" BSF bolt, main bearing
7/16" BSF nuts, main bearings
7/16" twin tab washers, main bearing
7/16" round lockwashers (original type) main bearings
7/16" plain washers
5/16" twin tab washers, oil gallery
3/8" twin tab washer, oil gallery
5/16" x 23/8" stud, water pump, long
5/16" x 11/4" BSF stud, distributor mounting
1/4"W x 1" stud, timing wheel and fan
3/8" BSF x 13/4"stud, dynamo
5/16" x 1" BSF stud, oil pump cover
5/16" BSF exhaust studs long, PVT, Two Litre Saloon and Buckland
5/16" BSF exhaust studs short, Ace and Aceca
5/16" BSF brass nuts exhaust manifold
5/16" BSF water pump stud, long
5/16" BSF x 11/4" stud, water pump, short
3/8" BSF nuts, dynamo
5/16" BSF nuts, general
5/16" special bolts crank to flywheel
1/4" Whit. nuts, timing wheel and fan
5/16" BSF x 17/16" stud, bell housing
5/16" BSF bolts, bell housing
Nuts, spring and plain washers to suit all above
Studs, Bolts, Screws, Nuts and Washers for Sump
3/8" BSF bolts 4" post-war sump/block
3/8" BSF bolts x 11/4" block/sump
3/8" BSF Bolts 2" front block/sump
3/8" spring washer
3/8" BSF nuts, block to sump
3/8" BSF x 11/2" stud, block to sump
3/8" heavy washer
Replacement CL sump plug, hex larger head
Parts for Cylinder Block
Water jacket casting
Camshaft oil jet
PVT front seal holder
Timing sprocket support
HT clips, screw and washers, post-war
Chain tensioner
Tensioner pin
Parts for Sump
Post-war oil pump, uprated, helical, suitable for all UMB and CL engines
Post-war oil pump, traditional type, suitable for all UMB and CL engines
Vintage & PVT oil pump, double instead of single rotor bearings
Oil pump drive shaft
Oil pump drive shaft gear
Oil pressure relief Valve, PVT
Oil pressure relief Valve, post-war
Relief valve spring
Relief valve ball
Cylinder Liners and Pistons
Liners, longer than standard in body, require only single 10 thou fig-of-8 gaskets to set correct protrusion (in unmolested block)
Pistons, HC (replacements for original AC HC type) inc. rings and pins, weight - matched sets (2gms or less)
Forged pistons, extra high compression
Piston rings for original AC pistons, old stock, sometimes available
Crankshaft, billet steel, replacement for original for high performance engines, flangeless rear, requires special flywheel or adaptor to AC flywheel.  Special order only.
Rear of AC crank (crankshaft adaptor), either flanged AC or flangeless type (latter requires special flywheel)
PVT end thrust adjuster
Shells for CL 1-4 mains bearings, substitutes for AC originals, modification required to shells and housings
Shells for CL No 5 mains, substitutes for AC originals, modification required to shells and housings
CL thrust bearing pair
Tab washer rear crank nut, all cranks
Tab washer front crank nut, late UMB and CL
Vintage crank sprocket
Bolt/starter dog late UMB and CL crank
Front damper for PVT/Vintage crank
Front damper for late UMB and CL
Aluminium front pulley for Ace/Aceca fan
Front crank pulley Ace/Aceca
Front crank pulley PVT/Vintage
Crankshaft skew gear, cross-shaft and oil pump drive gear set
Connecting Rods
Rods, billet steel, replacement for original for high performance engines, complete with big end bolts and small end bushes.  Special order only.
Small end bushes
Big end nuts and bolts 5/16" UNF for AC UMB and CL rods
Shells for CL rods, substitutes for AC originals, modification required to shells and housings
Flywheel for AC crankshaft
Flywheel for billet steel crankshaft
Starter ring
Rubber rings for AC damper flywheel
Crankshaft to flywheel special bolts, nuts and washers
Release bearing, all engines except vintage, exchange
Pressure plate, all engines except vintage, exchange
Friction plate, all engines, exchange
Vintage clutch plates, laser cut
Vintage clutch friction parts
Vintage clutch alignment bearing
Clutch master cylinder Ace/ Aceca
Clutch to flywheel bolts and washers
Cross-shaft Assembly
Cross-shaft Shroud
Cross-shaft Spindle & Gear
Shroud as repaired
Thrust bearing
Lubrication System
Remote filter assembly, consisting of filter header, swivelling connectors for universal application, sealing washers, unions, rubber piping and clips
Cylinder Head
Camshaft bearings
Camshaft shell bearings for use when originals worn
Rocker & camshaft pedestals, new castings pilot machined
Camshaft Studs and Nuts
Camshaft/Rocker Cover Studs, long, extra length for more secure location in domed nut,
Camshaft/rocker cover studs, short, extra length for more secure location in domed nut
Rocker cover nuts, stainless steel
Camshaft, fast road
Camshaft, sports
Camshaft, reprofiled
Rocker Shaft & Rocker Assy
Rocker shaft, extended at front for better location
Rollers with pins, narrow and wide
Rocker (mousetrap) springs
Rockers, uprated, investment castings completely fitted out with rollers and adjusters
Shim washers 0.858" x 0.630" x 0.020" and 0.040" rocker shaft
Vintage rocker cover
Valves & Fittings
Valve stem caps
Valve collets
Valve adjusters and nuts
Valve springs, standard and sports
Valve spring caps
Valves, inlet and exhaust, Stellite coated
Special large valves, inlet and exhaust, Stellite coated
Tulip valves, PVT
Adjustable Timing Sprocket
Camshaft location bearing, bronze, dress to fit
Valve Guides
Cast iron, honed bore for smooth operation
Water Pumps & Thermostats
Post war, exchange, rebuilt and completely redesigned pumps, double bearings and modern seal
New PVT pumps
Thermostat, post-war, fits straight into housing with no adaptor ring
Ace/Aceca water pump, crank, dynamo belt
Ace/Aceca front pulley- to- fan belt
Two Litre Saloon crank, pulley, water pump belt
PVT linked belting
Distributors general
Distributor driven gear with pin and circlip
Distributor housing bearing
Post War Distributor DX
Rebuilt distributor or p-ex.
Rotor arm
HT Lead 4.5 metre length
Plug caps
Distributor cap Lucas No. 407043
Points post-war for DX, replaces Lucas - DSB122C 407050
Condenser, post-war
Spark plugs 14mm, various types
Insulator bridge
Rotor arm
PVT Distributor DJ6/DK6
Rebuilt distributor or p-ex.
Distributor cap
Contact breaker points
PVT base plate
Spark plugs 14mm or 18mm, various types
Plug caps
Rotor arm
High performance ignition coil
PVT Splined Hubs
Front and rear hubs (52mm) for PVT cars

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