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Spare Parts List Six - Ignition, Electrical ......

Keeping the sparks flying

The electrical system and especially the ignition system of a car are just as important as its purely mechanical components.  In fact, the mechanical bits won't go round and round at all if they have no sparks to drive them.  Many engines in reasonable mechanical condition are let down by their worn distributors while others are so bad that it is a wonder that the engine runs at all.  

Ignition Spare Parts 

If you need any part for a distributor or a complete distributor rebuild, we can help.  We are sometimes able to provide rebuilt distributors on exchange although this depends upon demand and current stock levels.  


Rebuilt post-war distributor

Rebuilt PVT distributor


Distributor caps



HT clips and screws


Distributor housing drive bearing

Distributor drive gear

Plug caps



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